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Maldene Name Generator

Today I thought I’d post a bit of fun.

There’s a lot of name generators out there. You know the kind: Pick from list ‘A’ for the first letter of your name then from list ‘B’ for the month you were born. That sort of thing. So, I thought I’d come up with my own name generator, only it doesn’t involve lists. It’s also inspired by my own alien world of “Maldene”. Yes, you can generate your own Maldenese name.

You can start with your own name, or pretty much any word in the English language that’s about two syllables. Three syllables might be doable, depending on the word, but more than that just ends up a mess. Anyway, here’s the step-by-step.

Step 1: Take your first name and switch the first and last syllables. When you do this keep the letters in their original order.

Step 2: If you have to, re-spell any syllables so they’ll sound just the way they did before in their original order. Also keep in mind that Maldene is a phonetic language.

Step 3: Clean it up by inserting any needed apostrophes or accent marks, and eliminating any silent letters, and you’re done.

Step 4: For single-syllable names, cut the name in half and transpose the two sets of letters. For this you will most likely need that apostrophe. Thus “Mark” becomes Krma, then inserting some appropriate punctuation we have K’rma.

Step 5: For a last name just repeat the above but use your middle name, as most last names could be too long and busy to work effectively.

Okay, some examples:

Susan becomes Sansu

Peter becomes Terpe, or even Terpe’, or T’rpe

John becomes H’njo

Anthony becomes Nythoan

Joseph becomes Sefjo

Myrtle (a street in my hometown) becomes T’lmyr (an actual character in one of the Maldene books)

And so on.

This works perfect with English names and words, but I’m not so sure about other languages, as they’ll just end up sounding like they still came from that same foreign language (using Spanish words, for instance, still sounds to American ears like something Spanish-like).

Well, that’s all for this bit of fun.

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