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The Wall of Hate


Note: I wrote this poem the day after the Berlin Wall came down (it was on a Thursday) to commemorate that event, and it is for this event that this poem was dedicated.


        Censored media, war, and crime,

Drugs Disease, and abuse of Thine;

Walls a-springing up around,

With mists of hate coming from the ground.

        Barriers to suppress the Soul,

and prevent Man from being whole.

            What can stop these Walls of Hate,

And change for Man his awful Fate?

            But then from Peace there comes a dove,

Bearing forth a spoon of Love.

            Take down the Walls, the children cry,

Please now before we die!

            Thence down 'pon them came spears of war,

'till did one slice the dove through its core.

            A leader of Hate then came out to spy,

And a single tear then came down his eye.

            "What have we wrought upon our Land,

And with peace almost at hand?"

            Then through the watching throng of Man,

He took a chisel near at hand.

            And tear, and strike, and gouge, and pound,

'Till the Wall of Hate came tumbling down.

            The rubble then was piled high,

To make for the dove a grave of lies.

            The leader of Hate then came and spoke,

"The boarder between Peace and War is Hope.

So come now to tear down these Walls of Hate,

Else we shall soon seal Our Fate;

For the Road to Peace is fraught with Fear,

But fear we must, for our Planet dear."

            The people now have naught to Fear,

For now they hold but Truth and Hope, as dear.

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