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Cyberdawn Beginnings by Mark Anthojny Tierno

Cyberdawn Beginnings by Mark Anthojny Tierno


The first novel in the epic "Cyberdawn" series by Mark Anthony Tierno


Earth is entering a new age of peace. No weapons, countries ready to put down their armies, every home benefiting from megacorp generosity, but if you’re Black Jack Hannigan this sounds a bit like fattening up the calf before the slaughter.


He’s seen them, creatures straight out of mythology. Winged tigers, ghouls, werewolves, they all exist; all part of the same millennia-old conspiracy. The “People” are manipulating our society, readying us for sacrifice to their Masters unless Black Jack and his friends can bring their schemes to light.


It will take a new generation of weapons being developed by the icy Dr. Rebecca Winter to protect a defenseless world against these creatures, and even then it’s a race. For once the People have opened the Eye of the Apocalypse it’s all over. The Masters will consume our world, just as they have countless others before us.

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