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Interviews From Across The Stars: Reba Haws interviews Mauklo

Announcer: Welcome back to Interview From The Stars, with our guest today being one of Sabu and Eldar's associates from Maldene, a wizard of suspect intentions named Mauklo. So join with us on this print edition of our show as Reba Haws tries to get to the bottom of his motives.

Reba Haws (RH): Welcome to the website, Mauklo. So, I understand that you are a Sileen wizard? Why don't we start with what type of wizard is Sileen.

Mauklo: Ah, the modern education system. My dear Miss Haws, Sileen is a type of Human race, much like your orientals.

RH: Ah, my mistake. Then what type of wizard are you?

Mauklo: A very good one.

RH: Not quite the answer I was looking for. Okay, let's try a different question. There are some that question your motives. For instance, even Sabu and Eldar aren't sure who's side you're on. You help them work for the King against Miro, and yet you seem to have certain sympathies for Miro's allies as well. So, do you really work for Miro or the King?

Mauklo: Why, yes. I do.

RH: What? But, what sort of answer was that? Exactly whose side are you on?

Mauklo: Yes, I am.

RH: Okay… So, can I assume that you're on your own side, then?

Mauklo: Ah, I see there is hope for the education system after all. Tell me, Miss Haws, who's side are you on?

RH: I'm not even from Maldene. How would that question even apply?

Mauklo: Or you could be pretending that you aren't, in which case it is you who is being evasive. You see how this works? You could be a spy from Miro trying to probe me. That is not a risk that I can afford to take.

RH: But, I am not a spy!

Mauklo: So you say, my dear Miss Haws. But the enemy has eyes everywhere.

RH: I can assure you that I am not– Now wait a second, how did this get turned around?

(Mauklo smiles)

RH: Okay, let's try this again. Can you at least tell us why you have been adventuring with Sabu and his friends?

Mauklo: Why, I would have thought that would be obvious.

RH: Maybe to some people. Listen, could you give me just ONE straight answer?

Mauklo (sighing): I suppose. Ask your question.

RH: Thank-you… Now, I was reading where there was one time when you–

(Reba is interrupted by a sudden sharp noise coming from somewhere on Mauklo's person)

RH: What the–

Mauklo: Oh, I'm sorry, that must be a message from my compatriots. No doubt they have need of my services. I am very sorry, but I really must be going. This interview really has been fun.

RH: But, you haven't really said a single thing. You said you would answer my questions.

Mauklo: Actually, I said that I would agree to be interviewed and let you ask your questions. I have done exactly that.

RH: But I–

Mauklo: Miss Haws, you wouldn't want to keep me from assisting those whose goal is to fight the evil of Miro, now would you?

Haws: I suppose not…

Mauklo: Good. Then it has been most pleasant. If you are ever on Maldene then please do look me up. Perhaps I can… show you around.

(POP! Mauklo vanishes in a puff of smoke)

RH: Well, I guess that brings this episode of Interview From The Stars to an end. This has been an… interview? With the wizard Mauklo. I hope that it has been as informative for you as it was for me…


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