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Cholesterol Control Using a Natural, Holistic Approach

Ask anyone in your immediate circle and I can pretty much guarantee that you'll discover quite a few are struggling with elevated cholesterol. The numbers are staggering and the age range broadens with each passing year. We are in the midst of a cardiovascular health crisis and cholesterol is one of your early warning signals for future health issues such as heart attack and stroke. There are many avenues to choose from when it comes to addressing this particular health challenge. Some struggle with side effects due to prescription medication. Some find that dietary changes are making no dent in their levels.

In my experience, addressing cholesterol using a more holistic approach is effective and rewarding. With a holistic approach we consider your family health history:

  • Do your parents or grandparents suffer with high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure?

We also consider your environment:

  • How are you managing your stress? Yes I never ask if my clients have stress! It's a forgone conclusion, we all do.

  • Are you exercising regularly?

  • Do you work with or are you exposed to chemicals e.g. hairdressers, painters, construction work etc.

  • How well do you sleep?

Yes, all these factors and many more may contribute to your ability or inability to manage cholesterol. Before even considering which protocol of natural remedies you choose, these questions need to addressed.

You have many options to choose when fighting elevated cholesterol, even if you already use prescription medication. Natural remedies may aid you in achieving your goals sooner and with fewer side effects.

Speak to your natural health practitioner. They can assist you in finding the best and safest route back to great health.

Natalie Sampson (Wellness Consultant)

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